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What We Do:

Tactical: Relating to combat tactics. Occurring at the battlefront.  Adroit planning, aiming at an end beyond the immediate.

Alloy(s): A homogeneous mixture of two or more metals for the purpose of increasing specific properties.

Lacrosse – Tactical Alloys will service lacrosse shaft warranties and sell remaining inventory of the Tri-Kor Alloys brand name lacrosse shafts.  This effort will evolve into a Tactical Alloys brand at a later date.   Tactical Alloys produces lacrosse shafts for other OEM’s.  Ancillary product development

Tactical Alloys

Aerospace Aluminum Lithium Alloy 2195 – The original alloy developed by scientists at Lockheed Martin had a remarkable yield strength of over 100,000 psi, one of the strongest alloys ever on a pound for pound basis. Around this time, the International Space Station was to be built, but … Learn More

Scandium Alloys – In the early 1990’s, I was hired to “create” a market for the rare element scandium, which had a worldwide market of just a few pounds per year at the time!  This was a very intriguing assignment that began with frequent travel to Russia and Ukraine, the … Learn More

Titanium Alloys – The M777 Howitzer is 42% lighter than its predecessor due to the use of titanium, but once the initial prototypes were developed, the overall program was approximately $30 million over … Learn More

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