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What We Do:

Tactical: Relating to combat tactics.

Alloy(s): A homogeneous mixture of various metals for the purpose of
increasing specific properties.

Tactical Alloys Lacrosse Players: Grinders. Mentally tough. Always on.

Relentless training and workouts. A nightmare for the other team. After all your
preparation you take to the field for the first face-off, with a Tactical
Alloys shaft, and the message is clear: I’m here.

We design and optimize our high strength Scandium alloy for lightning fast, physical players that train hard,play hard and deliver wins. Our shafts are an unprecedented combination of light weight and durability

Our Lacrosse Pedigree: Tactical Alloys is continuing to optimize the “Sub5Attack” (attack shafts less than 5 ounces) and “Sub13Defense” (d-poles less than 13 ounces), models that were very successful under the banner of Tri-Kor Alloys. The founder of Tactical Alloys and Tri-Kor Alloys is the original inventor and alloy developer for Scandium Alloys, including the first lacrosse shafts patented and produced in the U.S.

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