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Lighter, Stronger, Last Longer


We utilize a proprietary alloy specifically formulated for Tactical Alloy lacrosse shafts. We call our alloy Tactical Alloy. Allowing us to offer lightweight lacrosse shafts with structural properties not common in the game of lacrosse.


The unique blend of metals gives just the right amount of flex, ample strength with excellent feel and reverb all combined into the best shaft you have ever laid your sweat stained, dirty gloves on.

Tactical Alloys:  “It’s all about the Alloy”

Tactical Alloys is a newly formed company that will take over the Tri-Kor Alloys product line and service any warranty items, and then evolve the product line under the banner of Tactical Alloys.

First and foremost, Tactical Alloys invents, develops and produces advanced alloys.  This gives us a unique position in the lacrosse market as we take our experience in the aerospace, firearms and armor alloy development  markets to derive formulations for lacrosse shafts.  Our scandium-chrome alloy can withstand severe, explosive shock loading.  The Ballistic Alloy?  Well, since it was developed as high strength armor, it works extremely well in a lacrosse shaft.

We are a unique player in the lacrosse market as we design alloys, source the alloying elements, produce the molten alloy castings, extrude, draw and heat treat.  Specific to lacrosse shafts, we then produce shafts with a unique sand blasted surface and provide three pre-drilled holes at three different distances to accommodate all lacrosse heads on the market.

Sub5Attack Shafts

As the original scandium alloy inventors, we derived an ultra-high strength alloy formulation to produce the Sub5Attack shaft with an ambitious two-pronged goal: 1) Produce the lightest attack shaft on the market at less than 5.0 ounces and 2) Provide an unprecedented one-year warranty against breaking.  We’ve done it.  Players report unbelievably fast stick skills and shot release, and the shafts last a long, long time.  The sand blast finish is favored by youth and adult players as well as elite college and professional players.  A unique layout of predrilled holes allow excellent fit-up with all heads on the market.

Available in black, silver, navy blue, red and ice blue, $105 plus shipping/handling.  13 month warranty.

Buy Sub5Attack Shafts Here

Sub7Goalie and Ballistic Goalie

All right, we talked about the lightweight attack and defense shafts and how that enhances hand speed, but what about the ultra-critical goalie?  With the Sub7Goalie weighing less than 7 ounces, we are sure that you will have the hand speed to make that save that you might miss by one millimeter with your current shaft.  You will also feel the ball better when you are on the run and clearing – you’ll look great as you look fast!  We also offer our ballistic goalie shaft weighing in at 7.3 ounces.  Both goalie models have the sand blast finish and three hole design, Sub7Goalie available in Black at $115 and Ballistic Goalie available in Silver at $60, plus shipping and handling.  Of course: a 13 month warranty.

Buy Sub7Goalie Here       Buy Ballistic Goalie Here

Ballistic Defense Shafts

We slightly modified our armor alloys to produce the ballistic defense poles.  This product fits our alloy design goal of “Lighter, Stronger, Last Longer”.  At 13.5 ounces, we match the weight of the STX Sc-Ti Surgeon and is lighter than most composite defense poles, but since this model is stronger, it will last longer as evidenced by our 13 month warranty against a break.  Our defenders feel the ball much better with such a light weight, and they are considered “nightmares” to go against with their ability to make rapid fire checks and create takeaways – it’s like playing against a world-class fighter who lands 50 punches before you know the first one has landed!  And don’t worry about longevity.  Buy this shaft, play your season, pump iron all year as you get bigger, faster and stronger.  After 13 months + 15 pounds of muscle added + 50 pounds added to your bench press + increased speed……..we’re still hanging around and backing you up with our warranty, the longest in the lacrosse industry.  The Ballistic Defense Pole has a similar sand blast finish and three hole design; colors include black and silver, $150 plus shipping and handling.

Buy Ballistic Defense Shafts Here

Note:  Our very popular Sub13Defense model is sold out and will return under the Tactical Alloys banner.

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