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Lighter, Stronger, Last Longer

Tactical Alloys Scandium Lacrosse Shafts: The Ultimate Guide

What is Scandium?

Scandium is a rare earth element known for its lightweight, high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. When combined with other metals, scandium can create alloys that are much stronger and more durable than other materials. Scandium has been used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment.

Why Tactical Alloys Scandium Lacrosse Shafts?

Tactical Alloys is a renowned manufacturer of lacrosse equipment, and their Scandium lacrosse shafts have become a popular choice among players worldwide. Tactical Alloys Scandium lacrosse shafts are made from a combination of scandium and other metals, making them one of the lightest and most durable shafts on the market.

Strength-to-Weight Ratio

One of the main benefits of Tactical Alloys Scandium lacrosse shafts is their strength-to-weight ratio. The scandium alloy used in these shafts is stronger than titanium and lighter than aluminum, which means that players can benefit from a lightweight shaft without sacrificing strength or durability. Additionally, the scandium alloy used in these shafts has a high resistance to fatigue, which means that it can withstand repeated stress and strain without losing its shape or structural integrity.


Tactical Alloys Scandium lacrosse shafts are also incredibly versatile. They’re available in a variety of lengths and shapes, which means that players can choose a shaft that fits their individual playing style. Furthermore, the shafts have a unique textured surface that provides a secure grip, even in wet conditions, making them ideal for all weather conditions.

Impact on the Game of Lacrosse

Tactical Alloys Scandium lacrosse shafts have had a significant impact on the game of lacrosse. Their lightweight design has made them a popular choice among players, who can benefit from increased speed and agility on the field. Additionally, the strength and durability of the shafts have made them a reliable and long-lasting option for players at all levels of the game.

Final Thoughts

Tactical Alloys Scandium lacrosse shafts are a high-performing and durable option for players looking to improve their game. The combination of lightweight scandium alloy and unique textured surface provides players with a secure grip and increased speed and agility on the field. Furthermore, the strength and durability of these shafts make them a reliable option for players at all levels of the game. If you’re looking for a top-quality lacrosse shaft, then Tactical Alloys Scandium lacrosse shafts are definitely worth considering.

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We appreciate Greg of East Coast Dyes and his outstanding review of the Tri Kor Alloys shafts on You-Tube. In the ensuing years, we encountered many customers that used our shafts for a long, long time, often times spanning a player’s entire youth, high school, and college lacrosse career with many reporting 10 and 12 year runs using our shafts. We are also fanatical about our customer service and we have very much enjoyed interacting with our customers, solving problems and fulfilling warranty commitments in the rare instance of a break. Now, the tradition continues under the Tactical Alloys banner.


We utilize a proprietary alloy specifically formulated for Tactical Alloys lacrosse shafts. Using first principles of alloy design, we can achieve ultra-lightweight shafts for both the attack shafts and d-poles. Use your weapon wisely.


The unique blend of alloying elements and heat treatments form optimum strengthening phases so the shafts have just the right amount of flex and feel, ultra-high strength and durability. This combination yields the best shaft you have ever laid your sweat stained, dirty gloves on.

Tactical Alloys:  “It’s all about the Alloy”

Tactical Alloys is building upon and evolving the popular and well proven “Sub-Series” product line. First and foremost, Tactical Alloys invents, develops and produces advanced alloys. This gives us a unique position in the lacrosse market as we apply our experience with military weapons, armor, firearms and other sports equipment to derive formulations
specifically for lacrosse shafts. Our Scandium alloy can withstand severe, explosive shock loading.

We design alloys, source the alloying elements, produce the molten alloy castings, extrude, draw and heat treat. Specific to lacrosse shafts, we then produce shafts with a unique finish and supply directly to the player, complete with our one-year warranty. Our competitors have to source their lacrosse shafts from suppliers and then ship to retail stores. We eliminate a couple of steps and take care of our customers directly.

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