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Strongest Lacrosse Defense Shaft, Last Longer

Strongest Lacrosse Defense Shaft

Strongest Lacrosse Defense Shaft

Elevate your lacrosse game with the unparalleled strength and performance of the Tactical Alloys Sub13 defense shaft. Designed to cater to the evolving needs of lacrosse players, this shaft delivers exceptional strength, lightweight design, and enhanced gameplay. Discover why the Tactical Alloys Sub13 defense shaft has become the top choice for defense players seeking the strongest and most reliable lacrosse shaft on the market.

Unrivaled Strength:

Tactical Alloys has engineered their Sub13 defense shaft to be the strongest lacrosse defense shaft available. Constructed with a blend of high-grade materials, the shaft provides impressive durability and resilience, ensuring it can withstand the most demanding gameplay situations.

Lightweight Design:

Weighing in at less than 13 ounces, the Tactical Alloys Sub13 defense shaft revolutionizes the game for defensive players. The lightweight design improves ball-handling, maneuverability, and control, allowing players to perform rapid-fire checks and coast-to-coast shots on goal with ease.

Versatility for All Positions:

Although specifically designed for defensive players, the Tactical Alloys Sub13 defense shaft boasts versatile features that make it suitable for players in all positions. Its lightweight construction and incredible strength ensure it can endure the demands of intense gameplay, regardless of the player’s position on the field.

Sleek Tactical Alloys Design:

Tactical Alloys has crafted a modern and sleek design for their Sub13 defense shaft. Available in matte black and silver, this professional-looking shaft not only delivers on performance but also on aesthetics. A 12-month warranty guarantees the quality of your investment, giving you peace of mind.

Affordability and Quality Combined:

The Tactical Alloys Sub13 defense shaft offers exceptional value without compromising on quality or performance. Priced at $170, lacrosse players can experience the premium features and unmatched strength of this defense shaft without breaking the bank.

The Tactical Alloys Sub13 defense shaft is the ultimate choice for defensive players seeking the strongest lacrosse shaft available. Its unparalleled strength, lightweight design, versatility, and affordability make it a top choice for athletes looking to boost their performance. Choose Tactical Alloys and invest in a high-quality product that truly makes a difference on the lacrosse field.

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We appreciate Greg of East Coast Dyes and his outstanding review of the Tri Kor Alloys shafts on You-Tube. In the ensuing years, we encountered many customers that used our shafts for a long, long time, often times spanning a player’s entire youth, high school, and college lacrosse career with many reporting 10 and 12 year runs using our shafts. We are also fanatical about our customer service and we have very much enjoyed interacting with our customers, solving problems and fulfilling warranty commitments in the rare instance of a break. Now, the tradition continues under the Tactical Alloys banner.


We utilize a proprietary alloy specifically formulated for Tactical Alloys lacrosse shafts. Using first principles of alloy design, we can achieve ultra-lightweight shafts for both the attack shafts and d-poles. Use your weapon wisely.


The unique blend of alloying elements and heat treatments form optimum strengthening phases so the shafts have just the right amount of flex and feel, ultra-high strength and durability. This combination yields the best shaft you have ever laid your sweat stained, dirty gloves on.

Tactical Alloys:  “It’s all about the Alloy”

Strongest Lacrosse Defense Shaft Tactical Alloys is building upon and evolving the popular and well proven “Sub-Series” product line. First and foremost, Tactical Alloys invents, develops and produces advanced alloys. This gives us a unique position in the lacrosse market as we apply our experience with military weapons, armor, firearms and other sports equipment to derive formulations
specifically for lacrosse shafts. Our Scandium alloy can withstand severe, explosive shock loading.

We design alloys, source the alloying elements, produce the molten alloy castings, extrude, draw and heat treat. Specific to lacrosse shafts, we then produce shafts with a unique finish and supply directly to the player, complete with our one-year warranty. Our competitors have to source their lacrosse shafts from suppliers and then ship to retail stores. We eliminate a couple of steps and take care of our customers directly.

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